PureChoice Releases Major Update to PureTrac for Data Logging and Reporting

PureChoice Releases Major Update to PureTrac. The new release of PureTrac 5.0 offers advanced alerting and charting as well as a better dashboard and new performance benchmarks; easing the way organizations log, report, and view critical data. Key enhancements include built-in intelligence for alerts and notifications, compare features to help further trhe analyzing of data by date and/or sensor, and an improved dashboard for easier viewing and organization.

“Now more than ever, organizations need to work smart to improve efficiency,” said Kevin Kuhne, CEO at PureChoice. “With accurate records for critical variables such as temperature and humidity, the new PureTrac 5.0 system serves as a benchmark giving our customers the insight they need in order to prevent product loss, improve energy efficiency and, in the end, save money.”

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