Quest Software Boosts Diagnostic Power for DB2 and Builds On Its Heterogeneous Database Management Strategy

[From Quest Software Inc. ]

Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT), a leading provider of application management solutions, today announced the release of Quest Central™ for DB2 version 3.0. With this release, Quest Software delivers the only complete and unified solution for the management of IBM DB2 Universal Databases (UDB) and that includes deep diagnostic capabilities for IBM’s database partitioning technology. Supporting DB2 version 7.1, DB2 version 7.2 and DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition (ESE) version 8.1, Quest Central for DB2 continues to demonstrate the momentum of Quest Software’s heterogeneous database management strategy. Quest Central for DB2 enables organizations to maximize their current database investments while maintaining stringent performance and availability service levels in distributed, mainframe or mixed DB2 environments.

The new version of Quest Central for DB2 offers a new compare and synchronize feature to compare multiple databases and identify their differences to ensure that all of the changes are in place prior to deploying an application into production. Quest Central for DB2 also enables alerting and diagnosis of DB2 performance at a summarized database level and a detailed partition level, along with Fast Communication Manager details to quickly identify hotspots in multi-partition databases. This allows DBAs to quickly identify a performance problem at the summary level and drill down into the partition to obtain the detail necessary to resolve the problem.

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