SQL Server puts bread and butter on the table for Microsoft

The year 2009 proved a milestone for Microsoft, but not a good one. Of the highlights Microsoft can look back at include:

  • Microsoft had its first-ever quarterly loss in April
  • With Windows 7 acceptance, Microsoft could remove the horror of Vista
  • Windows Mobile 7 seems to be a horror story with ever sliding release dates
  • Office 2010 might actually get used in 2010 but more corporations will move to Web-based apps
  • Microsoft’s Internet and consumer push is wishy-washy as Bing has a long road ahead, Zune didn’t deliver, and Xbox finally went into the black
  • Azure will more than likely only see die-hard pioneers and provide a moderate return as most will receive discounts for usage

But looking forward, while somewhat of a boring proposition, staple applications such as Office, Windows Server, Exchange, and SQL Server will most likely be Microsoft’s only saving grace.

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