Sybase Chosen by Markit to Power Market Share Analysis

Markit, a global financial information services company, chose Sybase RAP to power their market share analytics platform. Sybase RAP is an optimized analytics server that has provided Markit with the performance needed to handle thousands of users that perform queries against large amounts of real and historic data.

Said Will Meldrum, Managing Director – Equities Data, Markit

“Performance was the top business driver for choosing Sybase RAP” and “We require the ability to load and store data from over 20 billion trades in a single database and for thousands of concurrent users to run queries against it in a timely manner. With all this data and usage, we needed a system able to meet our customer requirements both in terms of time pressures and performance. With Sybase, we have a scalable solution that adapts to increasing volumes of data with the resilience to handle our historical data feeds.”

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