Which Way Will Oracle Take MySQL?

Oracle has finalized buying Sun and has continued its persistent promises that it will keep MySQL going, even that MySQL will be enhanced, subsequent versions made with community editions still licensed under the GPL, and the source code publicly available for free.

Some MySQL users are looking for any sign that MySQL’s end is near and are already prepping for a quick move should that happen. One fear is that MySQL will be turned into a closed source, paid product. Their reasoning is that Oracle doesn’t do charity, and also doesn’t respect open source because it won’t make them money. Believing also that Oracle will have difficulty keeping its promise of enhancing MySQL because it lacks competent people for the job.

On the other side of MySQL enthusiasts are those who believe Oracle speaks the truth, saying it wouldn’t be wise for Oracle to damage what could be a feeder database to Oracle’s commercial offering. Everyone is really guessing the outcome, but some would be greatly surprised if Oracle went to the extremes – either shutting down MySQL or actually making major development efforts.

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