Why Business Intelligence Projects Fail – And How to Make Them Succeed

Gartner says as many as 80 percent of business intelligence projects fail, and another recent survey found that half of business intelligence users are dissatisfied.

So why do BI projects fail, and why are BI users so unhappy? And what can be done to ensure the success of your business intelligence project?

Longtime enterprise software consultant and analyst Wayne Kernochan examined the claims in a recent article and concluded that agile development processes could reduce that failure rate — and that agile business intelligence and businesses could reduce it even further.

Effective communication between business and IT — starting with users and developers — is just the start of the process. The real trick is to transform the rest of the organization into an agile business, Kernochan wrote.

“[R]educing BI project failure by using agile processes within IT not only speeds up introduction of effective new analyses that allow the business to respond to a rapidly changing environment, but also introduces a culture of agility and agile processes to the rest of the business,” he wrote.

For the full article, see Why Most Business Intelligence Projects Fail.

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