Saved by the APAR or How to Use IBM’s Self Help Web Support

So, what
exactly does a DBA need to know to be able to solve all his problems?

of the modern relational database goes beyond the regular DBA’s knowledge. When
looking at dozens of manuals, books and web pages, you may wonder, "Where
else can I search?" A regular resource for questions about products,
installation procedure, configuration, functionality, technical inquiries,
trends and directions can be found in many places. The following resources are
available to help you:

  • Frequently
    asked questions (FAQs) – answers for the most frequently asked questions

  • Hints &
    Tips – installation and support information

  • Technotes –
    documented problems and solutions

  • Product
    information – various books, manuals and the IBM product documentation

  • Redbooks –
    technical manuals with detail instructions

  • Whitepapers
    and up-to-date bulletins – in depth documentation about products, with coding
    tips and techniques

  • Forums/Newsgroups
    – experience exchange between DB2 users

  • Software
    downloads – patches, fixes and other product downloads

In this
article, I’ll show how to use IBM Self Help Web Support, a great starting point
for getting the right answer about DB2 database software.

This article covers:

  • FixPack, HotFix,
    APAR, Hiper APAR

  • IBM Self Help
    Web Support

  • Call from the

  • Using the Self
    Help Web Support

  • Conclusion
Marin Komadina
Marin Komadina
Marin was born June 27, 1968 in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated in 1993 form The Faculty for Electrotechnology and Computer Sciences, University of Zagreb in Croatia. He started his professional career as a System specialist and DBA for the Croatian company Informatika System. His most important project was the development and implementation of the enterprise, distributed point of sales solution, based on the Oracle technology. In 1999, Marin became the company CTO, where he played an active role in company development and technical orientation. After Informatika System, Marin worked as an IT Manager Assistant for the Austrian international retail company "Segro," on location in Graz (Austria) and Zagreb (Croatia). He was responsible for the company's technical infrastructure and operational support. Segro used IBM technology, OS/400 operating system and DB2 database. In 1998, Marin joined the international telecommunication company VIPNet GSM that was a part of greater concern, Mobilkom Austria& Western Wireless Int. USA. After one year, Marin took over the IT System Manager position, where he managed many multi-platform, telecommunication projects and was leading the IT system department. In 2001, Marin started to work in Germany as a senior system architect. He is currently working for German banks on different banking projects.

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