A New Data Storage Architecture to Support Data Warehousing

Data Warehouses store tons of data, and are highly optimize
to support Business Intelligence applications.  Traditionally Data Warehouses
are built using a relational database, with row-level data stores.  Now you can
put your Data Warehouse in a database that has been designed from the bottom up
to support Business Intelligence applications.

Vertica has introduced its Vertica Analytic Database to
support Data Warehousing.  This new database architecture supports terabytes of
data and returns queries 50 to 200 times faster than traditional databases.  It
does this by storing data by columns instead of rows.  When you need to read
only a couple of different columns, the Vertica Analytic Database does not have
to wade through all the row level data, just to find the few columns you want to
read.  Instead, it is able to go directly to those column level stores and read
only the columns you need.  This drastically reduces the I/O required to resolve
queries.  Vertica also does aggressive data compression.  By compressing data up
to 90% large amounts of disk space savings can be achieved. 

Technology is forging ahead making faster disk drives and
CPUs to support our need for storing and retrieving massive amounts of data. 
Vertica has taken the leap forward by designing a new data storage architecture
to support the future of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Read this
white paper to learn more about the Vertica Analytic Database.

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