Adept SQL Workshop 1.0 Beta 11 Now Available

Adept SQL Workshop is a new tool that has been designed to support all phases of database schema development from writing (or generating from an existing database) a set of SQL sources to debugging and to subsequently synchronizing the database when the scripts are changed. Adept SQL Workshop is specifically designed to deal with the DDL subset of SQL and the schema synchronization. It complements query building and analyzing tools like MS Query Analyzer rather then competes with them.

Adept SQL Workshop offers a convenient text editor with SQL syntax highlighting and shortcuts for commonly used SQL statements; a macro preprocessor for keeping project scripts compact, consistent, DBMS-independent and easy to modify; and a SQL debugger that allows you to set breakpoints or step-through specific scripts in a project. Here’s a screenshot of the current release:

Additional features in Adept SQL Workshop include the ability to reverse-engineer the database schema; a project-oriented, modular development approach; differential schema synchronization; database versioning (generating history scripts); remote shema updates; and integration with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

Beta 11 of Adept SQL Workshop 1.0 has a simplified and more intuitive user interface, visual schema differencing, a side-by-side comparison window for stored procedures and other schema objects, and support for SCC-compliant version control systems. The beta is “Try at Your Own Risk” software — it still contains a variety of bugs at this point, especially in the code for generating difference scripts.

Beta 11 can be downloaded directly at:

Pricing for Adept SQL Workshop begins at $130 for a single computer license; Enterprise licenses start at $180 per unit with a minimum requirement of four copies. Additional information for Adept SQL Workshop can be found at:


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