Beginning SQL Programming: Pt. 1

Book overview

Structured Query Language is the industry standard for querying
data held in relational databases. SQL can be used to create and
alter the structure of databases, add new data, and access or modify
existing data. Beginning SQL Programming begins by looking at what
SQL is, then moves on to teach you the fundamentals of ANSI SQL,
using the familiar Northwind database that comes with versions of
Microsoft Access and SQL Server.

The book gives step-by-step instructions, alerts readers to common
pitfalls, tricks and traps, and uses real-world examples, including
two extensive case studies, to create a thorough tutorial. It will
furnish readers with a firm grasp of SQL concepts that you can work
with straight away, as well as provide solid foundations and
challenging ideas with which you can later develop more advanced SQL

Included with this book is a 120-day evaluation enterprise edition
of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000. An end user license agreement is
contained in this licensed software.

What does this book cover?

  • Database structure from Tables to Normalisation
  • Basic SQL, including DDL, DCL, DML
  • The only tutorial that is comprehensive and up-to-date with
    coverage of SQL ’99
  • Tutorial exercises tied into each element of database
    structure – as it appears

Who is this book for?

  • Novice database programmers and administrators
  • Highly suitable for Visual Basic novices
  • Highly suitable for web developers who have wandered into the
    world of dynamic page creation from databases

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Title: Beginning SQL Programming
ISBN: 1861001800
US Price: $ 49.99

Canadian Price: C$ 74.95

UK Price: £ 38.99
Publication Date: March 2001
Pages: 723
Wrox Press Limited, US and UK.

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