Data Migration with Oracle GoldenGate

All applications have reporting needs.  When you run
reports against online-transaction processing (OLTP) systems, they take
resources away from your application and can cause performance impacts.  For
this reason, some people are off loading their data to a separate reporting
environment that is physically or logically different then their OLTP system.

Customers are demanding reports that are based on current,
up to the minute data.  For this reason, application reporting is sometime done
directly against OLTP systems, so up-to-date information is in the reports.  
However, due to the performance issues this can cause, it is sometimes desirable
to offload your OLTP data in real time to another location for reporting.  Oracle
GoldenGate is a log based, real-time change data capture solution that helps you
quickly move OLTP data to a reporting environment.  

 Read this white paper to find out more about how
GoldenGate can solve your OLTP performance problems and reporting needs.  In
this paper, you will find out about the challenges of offloading reporting data,
from your OLTP systems, as well as how Oracle GoldenGate can offload massive
amounts of data with sub-second response time.  If you are considering building
a separate reporting environment from your OLTP data, then you owe it to your
organization to find out more about how data offloading can be solved using
Oracle’s GoldGate solution.

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