Data Recovery using EchoStream

If you are like most individuals today, you tend to expect
your bank to provide accurate, reliable and timely data for your accounts.  For
the most part this has been the case for a long time.  Although with the advent
of personal computers, ATM machines and the internet, we are also now expecting
our banking information to be available 24X7.  In order to accomplish this or at
least come close to meeting this expectation you need to have a rock solid
backup and recovery strategy.

EchoStream by AIX provided by Vision Solution is designed to solve some of the basic
backup and recovery issues.  EchoStream makes sure you do not have to worry
about your backup window by constantly streaming your data off to an alternate
location.  Also by using technology known as Continue Data Protection, you are
able to manage your Recovery Point and Time objectives.  Additionally by
deploying redundant servers and remote replication you can make sure your
transactions are safely backed up in case of a disaster.  

To understand how EchoStream works and can minimize your
data backup and recovery concerns, read this white paper.  This paper also
provides sample use cases that demonstrate how EchoStream can provide zero
impact data protection, local recovery and/or multiple site locations for your
critical backup information.   Make sure your backup and recovery solutions for
your AIX applications meet the requirements of today’s customer expectations.  

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