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5 New Features for Db2 12 for z/OS 04/19/2018

IBM presents version 12 of its flagship database product Db2 as, "The ultimate enterprise database for business-critical transactions and analytics". What does this mean? In this slideshow we dive into the most critical changes in this version of Db2, including improvements for application enablement, DBA functions, on-line transaction performance and query performance.

Modern Database Disaster Planning 03/15/2018

What elements comprise current day disaster recovery planning, and how are large mainframe and big data applications recovered?

Modern Enterprise Data Integration 02/15/2018

There has always been a need for some IT users to access data from multiple operational systems across the enterprise. In a process called data integration, companies developed a centralized IT solution that presented data from across the enterprise in a single application. However, with the advent of big data applications, there is now too much data across the enterprise to transport and store in a single place. Data integration had to be re-defined in order to access separate data stores in-place with available access in real-time.

Supporting Operational Systems in a Big Data World 01/16/2018

Lockwood Lyon explores the aspects of data modelling that are essential during application development in order to make the application data valuable to an organization.

Using Real Memory to Enhance Performance in Db2 12/18/2017

As many enterprise applications mature, the increases in customers, functions, features and transaction rates require scaling up. Adding memory can sometimes be the cheapest and most convenient option. In this article, we review how features in Db2 for z/OS version 12 can use additional real memory to reduce transaction times and more efficiently use CPU and other resources to meet critical application needs.

IBM Db2 for z/OS: Version 12 New Features 11/16/2017

Version 12 of IBM's Db2 for z/OS (Db2 12 for z/OS) contains many new features and functions for DBAs and application developers. This latest Db2 version emphasizes performance enhancements across a wide variety of areas, including enhanced on-line transaction performance, improved efficiency for analytical query access paths, removal of some size limitations and exploitation of operating system and storage hardware characteristics.

Database as a Service: An IT Strategic Direction 10/16/2017

Is DBaaS a possible strategic direction for your company’s IT infrastructure? In order to determine this, there are several issues you must address. This article lists the most common risks that require mitigation before embarking upon delegating all or most of your database storage and management to an outside firm.

Database as a Service: Defining Quality 09/18/2017

Application and database definitions are now spread among multiple firms across multiple platforms. Business rules are implemented in (potentially) many places, and many support staff skills are not under your control. This raises the complexity of the application and increases the risks of failure during application changes, maintenance or upgrades. This article addresses how to measure and maintain the quality of your application when you take advantage of database as a service (DBaaS).

Database as a Service: Choosing a Provider 08/17/2017

Providers of database as a service (DBaaS) promise to handle database tasks, including hardware acquisition, database management software installation and configuration, database definition, performance tuning, and backup and recovery. While this service can greatly shorten the time-to-market of a new application, there are certain risks inherent in delegating database management to an outside provider. In this article we address the risks, how should they be mitigated and what questions need to be addressed when choosing a DBaaS provider.

Database as a Service: Performance Tuning 07/17/2017

Many businesses have turned to providers of database as a service (DBaaS) to manage database creation and maintenance. Delegating these resource-intensive tasks to outside experts relieves the business from hardware acquisition and installation, software selection and licensing costs, and staffing for all these functions; however, after the application is up and running, who is responsible for performance tuning, and what should be managed first?

Database as a Service: Your First Application 06/15/2017

For the new entrepreneur who wants to implement a significant digitally-based service or sell products to customers on-line, the need to get their application written and implemented quickly is a strong one. Luckily, there are several services available to the business that wants to get its new application up and running in minimal time. In this article, we will concentrate on why you would consider having someone else host your database data, and what are the risks in doing so.

Database as a Service: Outlook Cloudy 05/15/2017

For most companies, IT-related hardware and software maintenance is costly, time-consuming and requires hiring and retaining a support staff of operating system and database management system specialists. Delegating these responsibilities to an outside firm allows a new application to be developed and implemented more quickly. However, there are issues with delegating database support to an outside service. In this article, we will concentrate on how these environments scale with application growth, especially if the data and services are stored in the cloud.

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