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IBM Db2 for z/OS Useful Features 08/19/2019

Some of the more useful features of Db2 and SQL that have been delivered as new functionality are reviewed. Read on to learn more!

Doing Analytics Against Critical Production Data 07/29/2019

Learn about several techniques which, taken together, allow you to configure your critical production data so that it is efficient (and non-disruptive) to execute analytical queries against it in real time. No need for a separate hybrid appliance, no need for a massive data warehouse. Read on....

Polling and Survey Data Transparency 07/01/2019

Polls and surveys are increasing in use. If you are a DBA, developer, or data scientist, then it is good to understand how to structure your systems for transparency and proper use.

The Demise of the DBA 06/17/2019

Today most of the tasks done by traditional DBAs are performed by artificial intelligence systems or the database itself. With so few important tasks left to perform, are DBAs really needed anymore?

The Demise of Big Data 05/24/2019

Big data as an application (or as a service) is being supplanted by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Few new requirements for a big data solution have arisen in the past few years. All the low-hanging fruit (fraud detection, customer preferences, just-in-time re-stocking and delivery, etc.) have already been big data-ized. Is this the end of big data?

IBM Improves IT Operations with Artificial Intelligence 04/18/2019

IBM has enhanced its Operations Analytics software on the IBM Z platform by leveraging IBM Watson Machine Learning (WML) for z/OS. WML is implemented as a service that interfaces with several varieties of data, creates and trains machine learning models, scores them and compares the models with live metrics. The operations analytics software then classifies and analyzes the results to detect and predict problems. Read on to learn more!

Data Masking in the World of GDPR 03/21/2019

Your production database environment stores personally identifiable information in an encrypted form, limits access to these fields and masks them when displayed. However, some types of data encryption create potential performance problems as well as security issues. Your data may be at risk unless you mask it effectively.

IBM Db2 Query Optimization Using AI 02/18/2019

IBM’s machine learning is being used to improve the performance of analytical queries as well as operational queries and their associated applications. This requires management attention, as you must verify that your business is prepared to consume these ML and AI conclusions. Learn more…

Top 10 Databases for 2019 01/31/2019

A look at ten top databases fighting for mind-share in 2019.

HTAP - Hybrid Transaction and Analytical Processing 01/10/2019

The IT enterprise has grown, databases are bigger, companies have more product lines, more services, more customers and more transactions. Business analysts used to be satisfied with subsets of only certain data elements for their queries, and now they want it all. Now they want more....

Big Data: Health Checking Your System 12/18/2018

As big data solutions grow in size and complexity, concerns can rise about future performance. One way to assess the potential effects is to measure your big data application’s health.

IBM Db2 Statistical Functions for Analytics 11/27/2018

Until recently, business analytics against big data and the enterprise data warehouse had to come from sophisticated software packages. This was because many statistical functions such as medians and quartiles were not available in basic SQL, forcing the packages to retrieve large result sets and perform aggregations and statistics locally. Today, many database management systems have incorporated these functions into SQL, including IBM's flagship product, Db2.

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