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IBM Offers AI-Assisted SQL Tuning 10/18/2018

A new separately-priced software offering from IBM on z/OS systems uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assist the Db2 optimizer in choosing high-performance access paths for SQL statements.

Db2 Application Performance Enhancements 09/17/2018

Db2 Version 12 includes many new and improved features specifically aimed at improving application performance. As today's development teams are driven to implement applications at a faster pace, the DBMS must support the ability to retrieve data quickly, while at the same time reducing overall resource usage. Here is a detailed look at some modern transactional data processing issues and how Db2 meets these challenges.

High-Performance Data Encryption and Db2 08/16/2018

IBM’s Db2 Version 12 for z/OS was designed to synergize with new IBM z14 hardware, which includes several new and updated options for hardware-assisted data encryption and compression. These features can be used by the database management system to store and retrieve encrypted and compressed data transparently without application knowledge or intervention. Read on to learn more.

Big Data Analytics on Current Data 07/16/2018

IBM now provides an option to configure its Db2 version 12 for z/OS and complementary IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) to permit concurrent transactional processing of operational data with analytics processing of data in the appliance. This new feature, zero-latency HTAP (hybrid transactional analytical processing) provides a patented replication process that propagates native Db2 table changes to the IDAA data store. This then allows BI queries to act on up-to-date data.

GDPR for the DBA 06/18/2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect worldwide on May 25, 2018. In response, companies throughout the world increased their data security awareness, appointed data protection officers and updated their privacy policies. IT support staff responded with updated data dictionaries, flagging of personal data, encryption at various points (local and cloud storage, network traffic, etc.) and heightened security procedures. However, more work is needed. In this article we focus on what the DBA must do in the near term in order to anticipate and prevent performance and capacity issues.

5 More Features of IBM Db2 12 for z/OS 05/10/2018

IBM's Db2 Version 12 for z/OS has many new features that focus on performance and security measures, particularly for mobile and cloud applications. Advances in cryptographic hardware and query accelerator technologies facilitate rapid development of customer-facing applications and the embedding of big data queries in operational systems.

5 New Features for Db2 12 for z/OS 04/19/2018

IBM presents version 12 of its flagship database product Db2 as, "The ultimate enterprise database for business-critical transactions and analytics". What does this mean? In this slideshow we dive into the most critical changes in this version of Db2, including improvements for application enablement, DBA functions, on-line transaction performance and query performance.

Modern Database Disaster Planning 03/15/2018

What elements comprise current day disaster recovery planning, and how are large mainframe and big data applications recovered?

Modern Enterprise Data Integration 02/15/2018

There has always been a need for some IT users to access data from multiple operational systems across the enterprise. In a process called data integration, companies developed a centralized IT solution that presented data from across the enterprise in a single application. However, with the advent of big data applications, there is now too much data across the enterprise to transport and store in a single place. Data integration had to be re-defined in order to access separate data stores in-place with available access in real-time.

Supporting Operational Systems in a Big Data World 01/16/2018

Lockwood Lyon explores the aspects of data modelling that are essential during application development in order to make the application data valuable to an organization.

Using Real Memory to Enhance Performance in Db2 12/18/2017

As many enterprise applications mature, the increases in customers, functions, features and transaction rates require scaling up. Adding memory can sometimes be the cheapest and most convenient option. In this article, we review how features in Db2 for z/OS version 12 can use additional real memory to reduce transaction times and more efficiently use CPU and other resources to meet critical application needs.

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