Ease the Data Integration Effort with Sybase’s Data Transfer Utility

Transferring data between applications is done all the
time.  Sometimes, the data transfers are done once, other times they are done
repeatedly so the most up to date information can be obtained.  Sybase offers
the Data Transfer Utility to help with migrating data between applications.

Building processes that perform data transfers are time
consuming to construct.  The Data Transfer Utility for ASE provides a fast and
efficient means for transferring data and determining only those rows that have
changed since the last data transfer.  In order to accomplish this, some new SQL
commands and table options have been introduced.

If you are building processes to migrate data between your
ASE and/or Sybase IQ destination then you should consider how Sybase’s Data
Transfer Utility might help lessen the burden of building these data migration
processes. This white paper provides you all the details you will need to
understand how this utility really works.  Read this white paper so you can
decide what is the best mechanism to use to build your data transfer

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