Ensuring Risk Free Change In Database Management

By Yaniv Yehuda

For database administrators and managers, a primary daily concern is managing the company’s data effectively and efficiently. It is up to the DBA to prepare for and deal with any potential problems that arise within the database, which generally occurs when and where change occurs.

The DBA must employ efficient database management practices and prevent issues from arising before they happen. In this article, I’ll take a look at some vulnerable areas of the database where the DBA must prevent costly delays, unwanted downtime, and conflict between teams.

What is Database Change Management?

Anytime changes are made to the database, the DBA runs a higher risk of productivity-destroying downtime. Large systems are extremely complex because of the amount of data they are handling and processing. Therefore, implementing small changes are a risky maneuver because they are not always tested to ensure they run smoothly across the system. As such, it is imperative to execute proper database change management to ensure that transitions and revisions occur without causing damage.

Yaniv Yehuda

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