Get Extreme Performance with Sybase ASE In-Memory Databases

Getting extreme performance out of your system is important.  As the number of
customers you have grow and the load on your database increases you need to make
sure you still deliver your services at the same speed or faster to be
competitive.  Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) In-Memory databases make
it easy to achieve extreme performance.

order to achieve performance a system needs to be able to manage inserting,
updating and deleting data with a high degree of throughput.    To meet the
throughput demand databases in memory remove the need to write to physical
disks.  Now that we have 64-bit machines and the price of memory is coming down
it is not uncommon to have machines with massive amounts of memory. 

ASE in
memory databases reside completely in memory and therefore have no disk
footprint.   Since the data of these databases are in memory a lot of complex
processing related to physical disks can be eliminated.  There are two flavors
of in memory databases: fully and relaxed.  Relaxed databases can be persisted
on disk if a polite shutdown occurs.

ASE in memory databases provides seamless integration between traditional
databases and in memory databases. For applications that need fast performance
and are not constrained by traditional transaction based processing rules can
take advantage of the benefits of in memory databases.  Sybase ASE in memory
databases provides a low cost, low complexity solution to high throughputs when
processing large volumes of data. 

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