Is Your Data at Risk?

Is your data at risk?  A recent survey indicates that many
databases are protected by ad hoc IT groups and manual processes.  Clearly, these
practices are potentially making your data more vulnerable.  Are there other
things that you do that also place your data at risk?  This analyst report
summarizes the current security state of databases based on interviews with 179
different North American security professionals.

Databases by far contain more confidential data than any
other data source.  Because of this, databases present the biggest risk should
there be a data breach.  It seems that database security is setup and managed by
committee.  This situation does not provide a strong situation from a security
perspective.  63% of the security professionals for this study identified that
their databases were secured using numerous manual processes.  Security should
be preformed automatically.  Manual processes are a recipe for data loss due to
a loose security model.  Monitoring your database security routinely is another
key mechanism to maintaining tight security, but the research for this report
suggests that only a handful of organizations are performing regular assessments
of their database security.

This report discusses the different database security
vulnerabilities that security analyst feel are the biggest risk.  It also
discusses the step organizations should take if they want to provide a better
database security environment.  After reading this analyst report, you should be
able to answer the question whether your database data is at risk. 

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