Mobile Business Intelligence: 10 Hot Apps You Don’t Want to Miss

Drew Robb looks at some of the coolest mobile business intelligence apps, in preparation for the mobile BI explosion that’s sure to come soon.

According to Forrester Research, coverage of mobile business intelligence has outweighed its importance in the grand scheme of things–for now.

In the last two years, fewer than 50 mobile BI-related inquiries were received, among thousands that have come in for business intelligence as a whole, says Boris Evelson, a business intelligence analyst at Forrester. The majority of these inquiries were from vendors and consultants interested in building mobile BI applications, rather than enterprise buyers and adopters. With the growing popularity of the tablet, he expects adoption rates of mobile BI to soar.

“Tablets have screen sizes and touch screen interfaces that are perfect for most typical BI applications and data interactivity,” said Evelson. “In the last few months, Forrester and some of the systems integrators we talked to have seen an accelerating rate of client interest in mobile BI for their tablets.”

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