New features with Oracle Warehouse Builder 11gR2

As Data Warehouses evolve, new processing paradigms and
procedures are developed to meet this evolution cycle.  To meet the
ever-changing needs of Data Warehouse, software vendors are always implementing
new version of existing products, or coming out with entire new tools.  To meet
today’s Data Warehouse needs Oracles has released Oracle Warehouse Builder
Enterprise ETL 11gR2.

Oracle Warehouse Builder Enterprise ETL brings together the
widely adopted data warehouse design, ETL and data quality into the Oracle Data
Integration infrastructure.  By doing this, Oracle is providing fast and
flexible integration to warehouse builder customers.   Customers can now upgrade
existing designs and create new designs using a familiar tool.  By leveraging
existing skill sets companies can reduce their total cost of ownership and
return on investment, while speeding up the time it takes to develop an Oracle
data warehouse.

This white paper explores the new features of Oracle Warehouse Builder
Enterprises ETL 11gR2.  By reading this paper, you will find out more about how
this new release provides new functionality to support data integration, data
warehousing and business intelligence.     

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