Right Tool for the Job

Being able to retrieve the data you need sometimes is a
challenge for Data Analysts, especially, if you do not have the right expertise
to query databases efficiently.  When project teams lack expertise in querying
the database they turn to the DBA to help with writing the SQL statements
necessary to retrieve the information they need.  There is an alternative.

Quest Software provides a tool named Toad for Data
Analyst.   Toad for Data Analyst provides a mechanism that allows Data Analyst
to write well form SQL statements.  It does this using a number of different
views.  There is the Data Explorer view that presents that database structure in
an easy to follow grid view, which provides a Data Analyst with an easily
understandable look at the underlying database data.  Key to understanding the
data is knowing the relationships.  With Toad for Data Analyst, staff can use
the Entity Relationship Diagrammer component to quickly produce Entity
Relationship diagrams.    To aid the Analyst in writing efficient code the Quest
software tool has a Query builder view.  This view provides the analyst a
graphical tool to build complex well-formed SQL statements

When a project team is faced with the challenge of building fast running,
well-formed SQL statements to retrieve data without the skills to write
efficient SQL, a project might fail or take longer than expected.  To overcome
analyst’s lack of expertise, they need to have the right tool to help them do
their job.  Toad for Data Analyst by Quest software might be just to tool you
need to get your project the SQL expertise it needs to keep your project on

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