Smarter Planet with DB2 for z/OS

Today we all
need to work smarter.  The smarter we work the more work we are able to get
done.  One way to do this is to set priorities to make sure the right stuff is
worked on first.    The key to getting organizations to think smarter is to have
technology solutions that integrate into their existing systems.  This is one of the
challenges organizations face today.  DB2 for z/OS meets this challenge and
offers the technical integration necessary so people today can work smarter.


IBM’s Smarter
Planet initiative consists of four parts:


New intelligence

Dynamic Infrastructure

Green and Beyond

Smart Work

In this white paper, you will
find out how DB2 for z/OS provides something for each of these initiatives.

IBM thinks that by using DB2 with
z/OS, it will allow you to distribute your data more easily, to those that need
it to make business decisions based on data.  In addition to this, you need to be
flexible so you can dynamically shape your business requirements based on
today’s challenges.  Resources are limited, so we need to determine how best to
not waste resources.  By having, an infrastructure that is dynamic your
organization can more quickly react to change. 

DB2 supports a dynamic
infrastructure in a number of different ways. DB2 now supports virtualization and
mix mode workloads.  Using virtualization allows you to run multiple complex
workloads on a single system.  Being able to run different software on top of a
single machine allows you to manage your mix workload virtually, thus allowing
you to share your resources.

With today’s economy, companies
are thinking of ways to reduce their spending.  Reducing the resources it takes
to manage your business reduces your spending and increases your profits.  We
all know that the earth does not have an endless supply of resources, and
neither do today’s businesses.   By reducing and fully utilizing IT resources
today, we are not only making our company more profitable, but we are also
smartly reducing the consumption of our planets resources. 

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