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Structured Query Language – also known as SQL – is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Without a doubt, it is the most widely used language for querying relational database management systems (RDBMS) around the globe. As languages go, SQL is fairly straightforward to learn, with concise and clear-cut syntax and straightforward logic elements. As the de facto standard language for database queries, there is no shortage of learning resources for database programmers and database administrators to learn SQL. In this tutorial, we list the top online courses to learn SQL.

Online Courses to Learn SQL

Structure Query Language comes in many flavors – from straight SQL to derivatives like MySQL, Transactional SQL (also known as T-SQL), and PostgreSQL – to name but a few. These different flavors have their own rules and syntax and work with different database systems. Because of that, the courses listed in this database tutorial cover not just vanilla SQL, but MySQL, PostgreSQL, T-SQL, and MS SQL. The online courses are for database admins, database developers, and web developers who create database-driven web apps, and anyone who needs to programmatically (or manually) query relational tables.

MySQL and SQL for Beginners from TechRepublic Academy

The MySQL and SQL for Beginners database administration course from TechRepublic Academy starts off our list because it tackles two of the most powerful database technologies: the SQL language and the ever-popular MySQL database system. The course is 18 hours long and features 136 separate lectures, taught by expert software developer, John Purcell.

Students will learn basic SQL syntax and commands, including how to query, update, and manipulate information in MySQL databases. They will further learn how to configure and setup a MySQL relational database, including how to secure a database and create users. Additional database management principles like transactions, database isolation, triggers, views, and stored procedures will also be discussed.

Another great thing about this course is that it sets would-be database administrators and database programmers up to learn other relational database models and platforms, like advanced SQL, Oracle, and more. Further, it comes with a certificate of completion, which is a nice addition to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

You can learn more about this online MySQL and SQL course by visiting its TechRepublic Academy page: MySQL and SQL for Beginners.

Database Administration Super Bundle from TechRepublic Academy

The Database Administration Super Bundle is not simply a single online course, but, instead, a bundle of 9 separate – though interweaved – courses covering a plethora of SQL and database management topics through 468 individual lessons. It takes an estimated 85 hours to complete the bundle, which may sound daunting at first, but keep in mind that the courses are on-demand and you can take them at your leisure and whatever pacing you desire.

The bundle begins by showcasing NoSQL and how to use it to model data, build complicated and powerful web applications, and work with the MongoDB database system. NoSQL design, data aggregation, syntax, and general concepts will be taught. How to use Node.js and MongoDB, including installation and configuration, are also part of the course.

Course number two covers working with MySQL databases to create web applications. Basic database administration techniques and database structure are talked about. A walkthrough of MySQL tools is also included. From there, the bundle returns to MongoDB and the theory of constructing dynamic web apps. GridFS and the PHP and Python programming languages are also included. Database concepts like optimization, replication, and sharding are explored as well.

Part four of the database course bundle takes an 18 hour deep dive into enterprise data integration and data analytics with Informatica. Great detail about the usage and functions of Informatica is uncovered, as well as database architecture, ETL tools, database design, and workflows.

Part five is all about data visualization, using the powerful database tool Tableau. From there, part six curtails into Microsoft SQL Server administration. Part seven builds even further upon this branch of database administration, as students go from MS SQL novices to MS SQL “ninjas” and advanced users.

Finally, the last two courses in this bundle cover advanced database programming and administration topics including predictive modeling, regression models, database analytics, and database project management principles, including Six Sigma, lean, and other project management methodologies.

You can learn more or sign up for this online database course by visiting its listing on TechRepublic Academy: Database Administration Super Bundle.

The Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Course for Beginners

If you are looking to work in an organization that works in a Microsoft-related environment, the Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Course for Beginners might be right up your alley. The course is a gentle introduction to SQL and Microsoft SQL Server, weighing in at a light four hours for completion. It starts with an overview of common misconceptions about databases and the SQL language and then moves on to setting up SQL Server and SSMS. From there, pupils learn how data is stored in MS SQL and go over a variety of different, practical, and real-world SQL scenarios you might encounter.

Students taking this MS SQL online course will also learn Data Definition Language (DDL) commands, Data Manipulation Language (DML) commands, and Data Control Language (DCL) commands – all of which are used to manipulate data and table structures in RDBMS.

To learn more about this online database management course, visit its listing page on TechRepublic Academy: The Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Course for Beginners.

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