SQL Server Consolidation using Hyper-V and DELL Power Edge Hardware

One of the buzzwords in today’s IT vocabulary is
“consolidation”.  With consolidation your can maximize the use of your computer
hardware by building multiple virtual machines that are supported by a single
host machine.  With the coming of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft introduced
Hyper-V as mechanism to leverage the operating system to support

This white paper will guide you through how to use Hyper-V
to exploit virtualization on DELL Power Edge R900 and R905 machines.  Principle
Technology, the writers of this white paper, have performed hands on testing and
real world experience to bring you some best practices in using Hyper-V to
consolidate multiple SQL Server instances onto a single physical machine.  This
paper discusses the specific concepts and procedures for consolidating SQL
Server 2008 in a step-by-step approach.

As with any migration of technology to a new paradigm, you need to develop a
plan.  Before you decide to use Hyper-V to consolidate your SQL Server
instances, you need to do some pre-installation analysis.  This analysis will
help you avoid pitfalls when performing a consolidation. Once you have
identified your approach to consolidating your SQL Server instances, the
deployment onto DELL Power Edge machines is basically a very straight forward

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