Access Object Enhancifier

There is a clever, poke-fun-at-George-Bush web site named Weekly Radio Address where you can listen to a new parody of the president each Monday morning. It’s irreverent and probably exaggerates GW’s difficulty with the English language, but it’s funny all the same, and a little contagious. I was trying to come up with a title for this article and having difficulty finding the right word, so I followed Mr. Bush’s example and made one up.

The code for today’s article will show you how to access and modify the properties of various Microsoft Access objects through VBA code. So, what we’re building today is an Access Object Enhancifier. Word’s Spell Checker informs me there are no spelling suggestions for this word, but I’m growing more and more fond of it, Hey, if it catches on, enhancifier could even become naturalized into the English language. (I hope the White House is monitoring this site. If President Bush uses enhancifier in his next speech, I’m taking credit for it!)

Since there’s a myriad of potential applications for this trick, I cannot possibly describe them all, but the principals learned may, with a little playing and practice, be applied to virtually any property related issue you face. Here’s how we’re going to apply this technique:

  1. Loop through Pubs sales table and list all its properties
  2. Loop through fields of Pubs sales table, setting Description for each
  3. Loop through form controls to read RowSource property of combo box
  4. Loop through form controls and set Status bar and Tool Tip text

Danny Lesandrini
Danny Lesandrini
Danny J. Lesandrini currently works as the IT Director for Pharmatech Oncology Inc. at He holds Microsoft Certifications in Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server and has been programming with Microsoft development tools since 1995.

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