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A few months ago, I posted an article here at DBJ named How to Pass Access Data Across the Web.  One reader expressed concern over using the Microsoft Internet Explorer library because of security issues. While I do not share his fear, I appreciate that others might, so I began to think about how the process could be enhanced by substituting a Web Service for the traditional ASP/Querystring web page approach described in the article.  What follows is the fruit of those labors.

Begin with a Web Service

As usual, there is a download associated with this article, but this time it is multi-dimensional. It contains a Microsoft Access database that should work for you, out of the box, so long as you have Access 2003 installed. If it fails to work for you, then you will need to find and/or install and register the MSSoap30.dll library. We will talk about that later, but it is the only piece a user needs to consume a Web Service from Microsoft Access.

For those who want to get into the guts of this thing, I have included the SQL Script for creating the ErrorLog table and the el_InsertErrorLog stored proc (also shown below) and the Dot Net code I used to create my web service. You can explore my simple service, provided my web server is still up, by following this link …

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Danny Lesandrini
Danny Lesandrini
Danny J. Lesandrini currently works as the IT Director for Pharmatech Oncology Inc. at He holds Microsoft Certifications in Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server and has been programming with Microsoft development tools since 1995.

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