Beginning PHP 4 Databases

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Book overview

This book assumes that the reader has read Beginning PHP 4 and he does not have much of a clue about databases (almost Zero Database Quotient). So this book should be able to teach the reader how to build robust database driven PHP web applications. Further, this book is kind of a ‘getting-the reader-ready’ for PHP5 which will have strong OO and PEAR DB focus. So we teach the Beginning PHP DB developer the best practices to be adopted when getting into active development.
After reading the book, developers will be fluent in database systems and how to take advantage of them in PHP applications.

What does this book cover?

  • PHP review which focuses on the Object-Oriented programming with PHP
  • An introduction to database systems and the types of DBMS
  • Understanding relational databases in detail
  • The Structured Query Language and its implementations in data manipulation and retrieval
  • Consistency handling and checks in PHP applications
  • Stored Procedures and Cursors
  • PHP and relational databases
  • Discussion on using PEAR::DB

Summary of Contents

Introduction   1
Chapter 1: PHP Fundamentals 11
Chapter 2: Database Fundamentals 57
Chapter 3: Understanding Relational Databases 89
Chapter 4: The Structured Query Language 107
Chapter 5: SQL: Data Manipulation and Retrieval 141
Chapter 6: Data Consistency 177
Chapter 7: Advanced SQL and PHP 199
Chapter 8: PHP and Relational Databases 227
Chapter 9: Dissecting PEAR::DB 251
Chapter 10: Case Study: Using PEAR::DB – An Accounts Receivable Application 275
Chapter 11: CaseStudy: Using Object Databases – A Library Automation System 315
Chapter 12: Native XML Databases 337
Chapter 13: Case Study: Using Xindice – A Recipe Exchange 389
Appendix A: Administration 453
Appendix B: PHP Database Functions 471
Appendix C: Installing PHP, Apache, and iODBC 515
Index   523

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Beginning PHP 4 Databases

Author: Christopher Scollo,

ISBN: 1-861007-82-5

US: $39.99

Publication Date: October 2002

Pages: 568

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