Bruce Szabo

[email protected]

Having started out as a database administrator for a company that did not really even know it had a database has lead me on a journey that has come full circle.

In 1992 I started working for a company that was using an Informix database running on DOS to store its prospecting system. After a year on the job I started to gain an understanding of SQL. When it came time to make a job change it turned out my PC support skills seemed more in demand than my database skills.

In 1996 I became a systems engineer for a government agency. As I began to use Systems Management Server (SMS) to manage the PCs for the government agency I received my first exposure to SQL. After two years at NASA I moved to a fortune 500 company to fix their SMS setup and manage their network. I quickly gained a lot of respect for Network Administration but did not want to be on call 7 by 24 so I found a job managing a smaller 9 to 5 network. When a web developer position opened up I jumped at the chance to try my hand at development.




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