9i Tablespace Growth

>>Script Language and Platform: Oracle
This script will show you your tablespace size, what percentage is used and free, and the number of fragments that happened.

Author: Narasimham,Softenger India pvt limited

col tablespace format a11
set linesize 119
select substr(a.TABLESPACE,1,5) tablespace,
FREE_PCT,substr(b.FRAG#,1,5) FRAGS# from dual,
(select tablespace_name TABLESPACE,
rpad(round(sum(bytes)/1024/1024,2),5) SIZE_IN_MB
from dba_data_files group by tablespace_name) a,
(select tablespace_name TABLESPACE,
rpad(round(SUM(BYTES)/1024/1024,2),5) FREE_IN_MB,
rpad(round(MAX(BYTES)/1024/1024,2),5) MAX_IN_MB,
count(1) FRAG#
from dba_free_space group by tablespace_name) b
WHERE a.tablespace=b.tablespace(+)

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