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>>Script Language and Platform: Access, VBA
Want to use this function in PHP/MySQL but new to PHP/MySQL. It works by taking the select member code description and the last assigned number and format as CON-00001 once the focus in lost after selecting the member description from dropdown list on the form.

Author: lrhrose

	Option Compare Database

Function newMemCode(pMemID) As String

 Dim dbs As Database

 Dim rst As DAO.Recordset

 Dim L_newMemCode As String

 On Error GoTo Err_Execute

 Set dbs = CurrentDb()

 Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset("Select last_assigned_nbr From Codes Where code_descr = '" & pMemID & "'")

 If rst.EOF = True Then
    dbs.Execute "Insert Into Codes(code_descr, last_assigned_nbr) Values('" & pMemID & "', 1)", dbFailOnError

    L_newMemCode = pMemID & "-" & Format(1, "00000")


    L_newMemCode = pMemID & "-" & Format(rst("last_assigned_nbr") + 1, "00000")

    dbs.Execute "Update Codes Set last_assigned_nbr = " & rst("last_assigned_nbr") + 1 & " Where code_descr = '" & pMemID & "'", dbFailOnError

End If


 Set rst = Nothing

 Set dbs = Nothing

 newMemCode = L_newMemCode

 Exit Function


    newMemCode = ""

    MsgBox "An error occurred while trying to determine the next memberCode to assign."

End Function

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