Assign temporary tablespace to database users

>>Script Language and Platform: Oracle
This script assigns a temporary tablespace (by number of assigned users) with a database user when its temporary tablespace is wrongly associated to system tablespace or another permanent tablespace.

Author: Luis Claudio Rodrigues da Silveira

set echo off
set newpage 0
set space 0
set pagesize 0
set feed off
set head off
set trimspool on

spool change_temp_tbs.sql

select ‘ALTER USER ‘ || a.username ||
‘ TEMPORARY TABLESPACE ‘ || a.temporary_tablespace || ‘;’
from dba_users a,
(select c.tablespace_name,
from dba_users u,
(select t.tablespace_name,
count(*) nusers
from dba_tablespaces t,
dba_users u
where t.contents = ‘TEMPORARY’
and t.tablespace_name = u.temporary_tablespace
group by t.tablespace_name) c
where c.tablespace_name = u.temporary_tablespace
group by c.tablespace_name) b
where a.temporary_tablespace in
(select tablespace_name
from dba_tablespaces
where contents <> ‘TEMPORARY’)
and a.temporary_tablespace = b.tablespace_name;

spool off

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