Create the Control File

>>Script Language and Platform: Oracle
This is brief information about control file.
Take the controlfile information from trace file and does changes accordingly.

Author: [email protected]

alter database create standby controlfile as ‘/path’;
alter database backup controlfile to trace;

create controlfile REUSE
set database orders_2
logfile group 1 (d:orawinorawingopalg.log1)
group 2 (d:orawinorawingopalg.log2)
Datafile ‘c:windowsgopalgo.data1’ size 2m,
‘d:orawin95databasegopalgo.data2’ size 2m
maxlog files 50
maxlog member
maxlog history
max datafiles
max instances
Archivelog/No Archivelog
character set f7dec;

Note: you must have OSDBA role enabled. The database must not be mounted
by any instance.

part1 = Contains information about db. Total no.of Datafiles,logfiles,and
threads are enabled and open (If you are not using parallel server, you
will have only 1 thread)

part2 = Redo log threads -> Privately or publicly enabled. Each log group
and the current log group that “LGWR” is writing

part3 = Each log member of each log group, size of each log file, its
fullpath, name, the log sequence number, low and high scn values and the
threads to whcih each logfile belongs.

part4 = Datafile information,suchas online/offline,
readable,writable,whether media recovery required, stop scn.

part5 = Log History information

LOG-HISTORY : The controlfile can be configured to contain loghistroy
records for every redo logfile that is used by the database.
Each record in this table gives information of one redologfile.
Each history record contains *)The thread no *)Log sequence no *)Low scn
& High scn

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