Database Details Script

This script extracts various details from SQL Server 7.0/2000 based on sysfiles and sysdatabases. It returns the server name, version of SQL Server, database name, device name, device location, and approximate size in MB of the device.

The script is useful for monitoring file sizes and the existence of databases. The output is saved as a file before importing to SQL. The script can be run through Query Analyser, or set up as an SP (if you want to mail the results on a regular basis. It is also database independant (it can sit in any database you wish as an SP — it doesn’t have to be master or MSDB).

The script has been updated as of 3/22/02 to now include displaying scheduled jobs, DTS packages, maintenance plans, and flags for any object that is not owned by the dbo. There is a slight glitch in this last bit — where it encounters an object on sysobjects that falls into the category required, it reports that there is one of them for each user in the database when there is only one. It still works as a guide though.

Author: Richard Munn

Download Script:

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