While migrating or restoring a user database from one server to another where multiple user databases and numerous database user logins exist on the servers, the DBA usually faces the problem of how to transfer only particular user logins and passwords for the database over to the destination server. Another complication arises when the DBA needs to ensure that if any of the database users’ logins already exist in the destination server, they aren’t affected by the transfer.

This Stored Procedure for SQL Server 7.x/2000 works for these issues. The script will pick out only those names that don’t have an identical login name in the destination server master database’s syslogins table. From sysuser’s system table, generate script to run on the source server in order to regenerate those lacking login names and retain passwords scripts. The DBA then will just bring this output script onto the destination server to re-create the new logins and passwords exactly as those on the source server.

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