Here’s a UDF function for SQL 2000 that will save you datetime headaches when passing datetime variables into your SQL Procedures. The function converts any datetime field to ensure that you don’t lose data for the last day to be included.

Here’s a simple and straightforward stored procedure that searches a column in a table for words. It can also be easily modified to return all columns rather than just one. The SP was created for SQL Server 2000 but should also work in SQL 7.

Function: Allows to bring back records that contains all words supplied to it. (up to 255 chars total)

The script uses:

  • EXECute to create a dynamic select statement
  • Like and wildcards
  • WHILE loop to construct the dynamic where statement
  • and a couple other simple items everybody asks about

Example: sp00_QueryColumn ‘jump the gator’,’GatorColumn’,’GatorTable’

would search the column ‘GatorColumn’ in the ‘GatorTable’ and
return the following records :

the jumping gator
Jump the magic alligator
the humping jumping gator
the crazy alligator jump
Them dummy alligator jumpers


Author: Anthony Loera

Download Script:

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