Easily BCP In and Out Data

sp_DBABCPOut.sql Exports user data from a database, and sp_DBABCPIn.sql Imports data into a database. They use the – T ( Trusted connection ) to run the BCP as the work is being done with xp_cmdshell which we limit execute permission to.

With the export script, sp_DBABCPOut.sql, pass in the Database name, the server name and it will BCP out all the user tables, to either a default location or a user specific location. The import Script sp_DBABCPIn.sql , works pretty much the same way. Specify the Database, the Server name and it will Import the all the user data from either a default location or a directory you define. The Data files are in the format of Database name_Tablename.dat. The other files produced are an Error File ( *.err ) and some BCP Transfer Statistics ( *.out )

Author: Eddie Deeney

Download Script:

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