Enhanced TitleCase Script

This function is similar to the TitleCase script submitted by Darryl Fryatt called TitleCase. I created a similar function and, after comparing the efficiency of the two scripts, found this function to be twice as fast. The function I call fn_mCase will take a string up to 8000 characters and capitalize the first character in each word.

The existing TitleCase function took .032 seconds on average to return a 838 character string, while the fn_mCase function took .015 on average on the same string. While this might now seem like enough to worry about, when you multiply the difference out over a couple of hundred users returning record sets of several hundred records, it really starts to add up. I hope this might be of use to others. I have also ported this to VB and VBScript for use in other environments.

Author: Andy Hickman

Download Script:

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