Find Failed Jobs in 24 Hours

>>Script Language and Platform: T-SQL
This script looks for all failed jobs in the last day.

Author: Akhamie Patrick

	/*The next Script performs the same function as the one above but it displays failure date, job name, step id, step name and error message.
I personally like this one alot, plus, to modify the timeline, simply adjust the day-* field in the last line of the query. A lot better than calculating hours dont you think?
Written by Akhamie Patrick
Date written: 10/11/2011*/

CAST(CONVERT(datetime,CAST(run_date AS char(8)),101) AS char(11)) AS 'Failure Date',
SUBSTRING(,1,40) AS 'Job Name',
T1.step_id AS 'Step_id',
T1.step_name  AS 'Step Name',
LEFT(T1.[message],500) AS 'Error Message'
FROM msdb..sysjobhistory T1
JOIN msdb..sysjobs  T2
ON T1.job_id = T2.job_id
WHERE  T1.run_status NOT IN (1,4)
AND T1.step_id != 0
AND run_date >= CONVERT(char(8), (select dateadd (day,(-1), getdate())), 112) 

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