How to Find Space Issues and Send Alerts Accordingly

>>Script Language and Platform: Oracle

Listed below is a very easy way to monitor for Space issues ( or insert any SQL here for monitoring for other needs and thresholds ).

If any tablespace has less then 5% free then a page message is sent to the DBA cell phone.
If any tablespace has 15% free but above 5% then only send an email.

The procedure relies upon SYS.MAIL_FILES proc which is well know proc on the DBA Internet web sites, but which we use here. ( I have included it below too.)

I realize any of Oracle’s internal mailing procedures could of worked, but we have been using this we no issues for a long time (since our 8i days).

The reason I did this is so my other monitor scripts that use to run on Sun UNIX are now less OS “dependant” allowing to port to Linux if or when we want and to utilize the DBMS_JOBS inside of Oracle so to move away from the old crontab UNIX jobs.

Currently, all the below scripts I have been tested using 9i release 2 (9204) but should easily port to other versions of Oracle (8i, 9ir1, 10g).

Author: Roger Eisentrager

Download Script:

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