Load TXT File using OPENROWSET function

>>Script Language and Platform: T-SQL/ SQL SERVER

Let’s say we have txt file dts_2_11012005.txt.
The file is located in subdirectory C:STUDIESsql_serveropenrowset_txt_to_sql.

dts_2_11012005.txt is a Tab Delimited file, which contains following columns :

emp_id       Width 9
fname        Width 8
minit        Width 1
lname        Width 9
job_id       Width 2
job_lvl      Width 3
pub_id       Width 4
hire_date    Width 10

To load this file in SQL Database we need to create Schema.ini file in
The same subdirectory : C:STUDIESsql_serveropenrowset_txt_to_sql.
Detailed description of Schema.ini file you can find in SQL SERVER book online.

Schema.ini file for dts_2_11012005.txt should look like :

Col1=emp_id Text Width 9
Col2=fname Text Width 8
Col3=minit Text Width 1
Col4=lname Text Width 9
Col5=job_id Text Width 2
Col6=job_lvl Text Width 3
Col7=pub_id Text Width 4
Col8=hire_date date Width 10

Now we can run from Query Analyzer the code below:

Author: Boris Bondar

Use pubs
”SELECT * FROM dts_2_11012005.txt”)

Download Script:

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