Modified Enhanced Title Case Script

>>Script Language and Platform: SQL Server
This script can change any string to “Title Case” (i.e: 1st letter of each word in the parameter is capitalised, and subsequent letters of each word are made to lower case)

For Example: “HeLLo wOrlD” would be outputted as “Hello World” using this function.

How to create this function in SQL Server:

  • Run SQL Enterprise Manager.
  • Expand as following:
    Microsoft SQL Servers -> “Your Group” -> “your Server” -> Databases -> “your database” -> User Defined Functions

  • Right click on “User Defined Functions” and select “New User Defined Function” from the popup menu.
  • In the box that appears cut and paste the downloadable script as given.

How to use this function in SQL Server:

Select fn_TitleCase(‘HeLLo wOrlD’)


Select dbo.fn_TitleCase(‘HeLLo wOrlD’)

You should get the output as Hello World.

Author: PK

Download Script:

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