Monitor DB Transactional Blocking Locks in Oracle 9i

>>Script Language and Platform: Oracle
This script will both alert and capture relavent data on Oracle SQL blocking locks events.

The following script creates 2 procedures, and 1 new table (in place of TBS_AAAAA put in the tablespace you want in this table) and submits the proc to DBMS_JOB, running it at 10 minute intervals. We put this in place to find transactional (dml) blocking locks that seemed to come up 2 to 3 times a day in our system, and would stay blocked for 10 or more minutes before naturally releasing. This was causing performance issues, and thus we needed a way to pro-actively monitor and capture all related data.

The script will populate the LOCKS_SQL table with blocking and waiting sids, usernames, logon_time, etc., and sql causing the blocking lock as well as the previous sql hash value for later review by the application teams.

I also included the mail package.

The following was fully tested utilization Oracle 9i but should work in earlier or later versions of Oracle as well.

Author: Roger Eisentrager

Download Script:

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