Most Legible Date Format Function

>>Script Language and Platform: MS SQL 2000
Datetime coversion is always a headache for SQL technical users.

Through this function, you can get the most legible way of representing the date.
It can be applied on any single day, any table with datetime field columns.

Author: Claire Hsu

create function datetime)
returns varchar(20)

–Script Language and Platform:MS SQL 2000
–Objecttive: New way of displaying date.This function can
–give you the most legible way to present a date
–Usage Ex: select from customers
–Author:Claire Hsu
–Date :2003/4/30
–Email:[email protected]

declare @string varchar(20)
set @string =
(select left(datename(month,@date),3)+”
when right(day(@date),1)=1 and day(@date)<>11 then ‘st’
when right(day(@date),1)=2 and day(@date)<>12 then ‘nd’
when right(day(@date),1)=3 and day(@date)<>13 then ‘rd’
else ‘th’ end)+”‘”+datename(year,@date))

return (@string)

–select from table_name
–select‘2/24/2001’) as DATE

/*This is the result display

Jan 1st’2001

Mar 3rd’2003

Mar 15th’2002

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