Phone Number Convertor

>>Script Language and Platform: MS SQL 7.0 and MS SQL 2000
–Objective: To format the phone number and to convert Alphabetic telephone number to Numeric
–eg: exec telephone ‘900-call-cloe’ will display ‘(900)225-5256’ and
–exec telephone ‘609@@34$$$6068D’ will display (609)346-0683

Author: Claire Hsu

create procedure telephone @phone varchar(100) as

declare @length int
declare @count int
declare @digit varchar(1)
declare @string varchar(100)
declare @ascii int

set @string = ”
set @count = 1
set @length = len(@phone)
while @count <=@length begin set @digit = substring(@phone, @count, 1) set @ascii = ascii(@digit) if @ascii >=48 and @ascii <=57 begin set @string = @string + @digit end if (@ascii >=97 and @ascii <=122) or (@ascii >=65 and @ascii <=90) begin if @digit in ('a','b','c') begin set @digit = 2 set @string = @string + @digit end if @digit in ('d','e','f') begin set @digit = 3 set @string = @string + @digit end if @digit in ('g','h','i') begin set @digit = 4 set @string = @string + @digit &n! bsp;end if @digit in ('j','k','l') begin set @digit = 5 set @string = @string + @digit end if @digit in ('m','n','o') begin set @digit = 6 set @string = @string + @digit end if @digit in ('p','q','r','s') begin set @digit = 7 set @string = @string + @digit end if @digit in ('t','u','v') begin set @digit = 8 set @string = @string + @digit end if @digit in ('w','x','y','z') begin set @digit = 9 set @string = @string + @digit end end set @count = @count+1 end set @string = substring (@string,1,10) set @string = "("+substring(@string,1,3)+")"+substring(@string,4,3)+"-"+substring(@string,7,4) print @string --Usage --exec telephone '(609ktln1w1!@#@#@$##%$#$^%$^%$&)' --exec telephone '((888-!@##$#%#$%#$%XXXX-xx' --exec telephone '800-Aaa-XXxx' --exec telephone '609@@34$$$6068D' --exec telephone '900-call-cloe'

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