Script to UNDO Committed Transactions

This script is designed to undo committed transactions, functioning as an “UNDO” service in multiuser mode. The script works only in SQL Server 2000.

The following is a description of how the script works — for more information see the readme file included in the script download:

“When you do changes in the database, SQL-UNDO saves previous data, types of the actions, ID of the transaction and additional information into special tables with the simple structure: SUActions, SURowsInfo, SUColsInfo and SULogins. Then, when you want to undo an transaction, you run stored procedure spSUUndoTransaction or spSUUndoLastOwnTransaction, that takes data from the tables, builds dynamic queries for back actions and executes them within one transaction. spSUUndoTransaction has one parameter “@IdAction”. You can take Value for the parameter from the field “Id” of the table “SUActions”. If the action was runned within a transaction, all actions of the transaction will be undone too.”

Author: Gleb Oufimtsev

Download Script:

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