This new job will utilize SQL-DMO and FSO to script your jobs and save the results to a text file. A pre-job step could be included to create a backup copy of any existing files if you wish.

A couple of gotcha’s…
1) This job requires a properly installed and functioning scrrun.dll to reside on the SQL Server server. Scrrun.dll is the .dll that houses FSO (File System Object) that allows one to read/write to a file via VB Script. Scrrun.dll is included with all kinds of Microsoft applications, but surprisingly not with SQL Server 7.0. Installing the Windows Scripting Host, should bring this most excellent .dll along with it.
2) The scripts that get generated are only as good as SQL-DMO, and unfortunately it has some problems. For instance, when I executed this job and it scripted itself, it had an e-mail operator setup as “(unknown)”. Well it turns out that “(unknown)” is apparently unknown to SQL Server, so the script generated would not compile. By simply removing the operator parameters from the sp_addjob stored procedure everything worked fine. In fact, the SQL I’ve attached that will create the job for you was actually generated by this scripting job itself. The interesting thing…or perhaps shocking thing is that the script generated by Enterprise Manager does not contain these errors. So much for code re-use, it appears that Microsoft is using 2 totally different scripting engines for SQL Enterprise Manager and SQL-DMO.

Author: Joel Janke

Download Script:

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