Here are five general purpose procedures I wrote for SQL Server 6.0 to reverse engineer and drop foreign key constraints.

The procs are handy for quickly generating a list of all the constraints for a table or for dropping constraints so that you can modify a table. They can be used in conjunction with other scripts to quickly modify the structure of a table, and restore the constraint once changes are complete. The drop scripts can generate a script to drop the constraints, or execute the drop statements directly.

They should work on 6.5 just fine. No guarantees on 7.0…:

  • sp__fkText — used by sp_fkrebuild. generic function.
  • sp__fkRebuild <table name> Generate script for all FK constraints for a
  • tablesp__fkRebuildAll Generate script for all FK constraints
  • sp__fkDrop <table name> [, now (0,1)] — drops all keys for a table, can optionally perform the drops
  • sp__fkDropAll [now (0,1)] — drops all foreign keys in a database, can optionally perform the drops.

Compile the scripts in your master database, and they will be available in all databases. You may or may not want to grant execution right to public on these scripts.

For SQL Server 6.5

Author: Clayton Groom

Download Script:

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