The sp__GenerateInsertUpdateProcedure interrogates the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views for table meta-data. Then based upon that meta-data it generates a stored procedure that can be used to perform an insert/update operation. If a record does not exist based upon the defined primary key, the procedure will insert a record. If a record does already exist based upon the defined primary key and at least one non-key column in the parameter list is different from the underlying table data it will perform an update. An insert/update procedure can be extremely useful when called from a front-end programming environment like VB or when used in conjunction with DTS. In my case, I’m using the generated insert/update routines from the User Defined Query portion of a Data Driven Query task within DTS to load data changes into a production database.

Even if the exact circumstances of these scripts are not immediately useful for your business environment, seeing how they query the meta-data information, manipulate it, and then generate code from it can be an eye opening experience.

Author: Joel Janke

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