This script will create an insert statement with values for each row in the passed table.

  • It can handle translation of Null values and all data type translation except blob types
  • Uses the primary key to generate either a if exists delete or if not exist before the insert statement
  • If table has an Identity column, it will generate a set identity_insert statement
  • Can be compiled in any database and reference a different database
  • Uses “, so always sets Quoted_Identifier off
  • Always returns script in results pane, optionally to a file
  • Make sure to set the ‘Max characters per column’ setting High (8000) in Query Analyzer

Updated on May 8th with a fix for a problem of trying to script a table with blob field types — now it excludes ntext,text, and image fields from the column list.

Author: Nicole Welch

Download Script:

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