Requirements: SQL Server running on NT server.
This is a stored procedure for sending generic messages to all users connected to SQL Server. It does not use email, and therefore does not require SMTP or Exchange server. It does use use the ‘NET SEND’ command on NT and utilizes the xp_cmdshell procedure to execute this command. It causes a pop-up window to interrupt the user and requires them to click OK before the message goes away.

It works like this:
The procedure accepts two mutually exclusive parms – @delay, and @msg. If @msg is populated, @delay is ignored. @delay is accepted if @msg is blank.

exec sp_send_user_msg (no parms)
sends the default message (user definable in @msg2 and @msg3). @delay adds “in 5 mins” to the front of @msg3.

exec sp_send_user_msg 3
sends the default message,setting @delay to 3, giving “in 3 mins” to the front of @msg3.

exec sp_send_user_msg 3 “This is a test message”
sends the message “This is a test message” to the logged on users.

The message structure can be modified to suit your needs. What this procedure really does is utilize the NT “NET SEND” command to send a networked user a real-time msg.

For SQL Server 6.5

Author: Steve Oldridge

Download Script:

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