Here’s an SQL Script created to aid an archive process using DTS in SQL 7.0. The script works with both SQL Server 7.x & SQL Server 2000.

It has been designed with a specific function:

Spreadsheets containing source data are copied to a server, ready for import into a datawarehouse. The files are then moved, but kept on the same server. This script takes a table “filelist” (created from a piped DIR to a text file), and then changes the value of one column to be either 1 or null, depending on how long it has been since the file was last written to.

The first step prepares a table “tbl_date” to contain today’s date, and today’s date – 6 months. This can be any length of time you wish, just change the number of days taken off at the end of the GETDATE() function. It then updates the Archive_bit column in the filelist table (created as above).

Another DTS package then exports the filelist for those entries which have an archive_bit of 1, then uses Winzip to zip and move the spreadsheets to a different Server.

While quite complicated to explain, the script shows how the GETDATE() function can be used to create a deterministic value based on today’s date, then uses the calculated value in further processes.

Author: Richard Munn

Download Script:

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